Covid 19

Keep socially-distanced

Consume your own food and drink

Be considerate to neighbours

Be the neighbour from Heaven (not, err, the other place!)

Stay on your doorstep, or at least on your own property, at all times.

Use your mobile/ tablet. Don't share printed Carol sheets.

Stay Covid-Safe

Follow all guidance for your area

Government and Public Health guidance changes and varies.

For the latest, click here.

Whilst it's normally good to share, let's not share Covid-19.

Don't pass or touch other people's cups/glasses/plates, food or drink.

This is a grassroots community initiative. You take part at your own risk.

The organisors of Doorstep Carols do not accept responsibility for any damage, injury, or loss.

We've not all come this far, to blow it now.

Let's stay safe!